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Collections & Awards

Selected Shows & Exhibits

George Nakashima Studio -- New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1980-81

Craft Courtyard -- Oregon State Fair, 1979, 80, 81

From Tree and Plant Show
Craftsman Gallery, Scarsdale, New York, 1981

Art Quake Exhibition -- Portland, Oregon, 1981. 83

Philadelphia Craft Show -- 1982, 84, 85, 86, 89

Furniture Makers
Juried Exhibit Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon, 1982

Zen Show -- New York, 1982, 83

Craftsman Gallery -- Explorations in Glass and Michael Elkan, 1982

The Real Mother Goose -- Portland Oregon

"A Touch of Wood", 1983

"Michael Elkan and Friends". 1989

"Cycles of Nature and Affairs of Man",1993

Spectrum Gallery -- "Out of the Woodwork", Brewster, Massachusetts, 1983

National Juried Invitational at St. Louis Craft Alliance, 1983

"Works in Wood" -- Oregon's Finest Woodworkers, 1983

Gallery Fair
Western States Invitational Wood Show, Mendocino, California
1983, 84, 85, 86

Nakashima -- Show at Full Circle, Alexandria, Virginia, 1983

American Craft Council
Baltimore, Maryland, 1982 through 89
West Springfield, Massachusetts, 1984 through 89
San Francisco, California, 1984, 1985, 1989

Jack Larson and the American Craft Museum -- "Art for the Table", 1984

American Craft Museum
(Opening Benefit Limited Edition Boxes)
selected to supply gifts for all volunteers, Elkan Studio

Contemporary Furniture Masterpieces
Gallery Fair, Mendocino, California, 1987

Northwest Gallery of Fine Wood Working
Form Function Furniture, Seattle, 1987, 88, 89

Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, 1987, 88, 89

Collectors & Collections

Gertrude Boyle, Portland, Oregon

Susan Burmeister

George Bush Sr.

Judy Dow, Dow Chemical Company

Scott & Pam Gibson, Portland, Oregon

Peerce Lake, Baltimore, Maryland

Val Kilmer

Mark Parker, Nike

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin

Dan Rather, CBS

Fred Rubenstein, New York City

Carly Simon

Simpson Investment, Seattle, Washington

Steven Swering & Toni Oliver, Portland, Oregon

Collection of Nathan Ancell, Ethan Allen Company

Edward and Plum Gee Collection, International Paper Company

Collection of Judy and Al Goldman, St. Louis

Collection of Allen Greenfield, Philadelphia

Collection of G. David Jones, North Miami

Collection of Jack Lenor Larson

Collection of Nancy and Wes Lematta, Camas, Washington

Collection of Steven and Navine Michaan, New York

Permanent Collection, Warm Springs Museum, Oregon
click for more furniture
click for more furniture
Beaver's Folly Table by Michael Elkan
click for boxes


Reading the Wood: Techniques & Projects from a Master Woodworker by Michael Elkan -- 1990

Oregon Magazine -- Christmas 1982

Fine Wood Working Magazine -- March/April 1983

American Crafts, A Source Book for the Home -- Pearson, 1983

Fine Wood Working -- Biennial Design Book, 1987, 89, 91

Art of Making Elegant Wood Boxes -- Tony Lydgate

Creative Designs in Furniture -- Kraus, Sikes Inc.

American Crafts -- A Source Book

Special Awards

Philadelphia Craft Show -- Best in Show -- Wood

Coconut Grove Art Show -- Best in Show -- Wood


1942 Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1949-61 Worked in family children's clothing store
1962-67 Sold children's clothing, wholesale, on the road;
worked in a Jobbers warehouse
1968 Forum Sportswear, warehouse to designer
(credits: GQ, Esquire, NY Times, Menswear Daily)
1973 Moved to Oregon
1975, 1978-9 Faded Glory, Designer
(credits: GQ, Esquire, NY Times, Menswear Daily)
1980 Started Silver Splinter, selling furniture & sculptural boxes; later changed to Michael Elkan Studio
1980 George Nakashima buys work to sell in his studio
1993 Furniture for the Native American Museum at Warm Springs, Oregon
1995 Wrote the book Reading the Wood: Techniques & Projects from a Master Woodworker
2002 Closed Studio to explore other artistic endeavors,
such as architecture, cement & cement furniture, & garden design; still doing a limited amount of art furniture
Reading the Wood: Techniques & Projects from a Master Woodworker, a book by Michael Elkan
Michael Elkan with the makings of some beautiful wooden furniture -- click for more furniture

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